(Pretend) Vacation travel!

Colin, our reluctant traveler, decided this week that we hadn’t been on a vacation in too long and wanted to go somewhere.

We packed bags, checked them in at the airport (front door), took our airplane (bicycles), and went on a trip.

We had one stopover at a lovely airport (beach), that had a sandy play area just outside. We had some fun skipping stones before our second “flight”.

We arrived “here” to discover they had space for each of us to have our own room, our bags had arrived on the luggage carousel, and the buffet/cafe had a great lunch options. The Nintendo switch in the lobby had all his favorite games, and they had a pile of LEGO to play with.

He finished the night with a screening of LEGO Masters on the TV in the conference/ movie theatre room. A successful first day of vacation!

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