Surgery update

I had surgery this week to repair damage to my hip leftover from years of skating. 

Everything went well. It was day surgery and I was home by early afternoon. I now have 2-4 weeks on crutches and another 8-12 weeks of physical therapy after that. 

The crutches are a pain to use but not as much as the Constant Motion leg mover machine that I have to sleep with. I strap in and it continually flexes my leg all night, only 14 nights left. Yay! 

Feeling better each day. 

17 States and Provinces

In our epic voyage we visited 17 states and provinces. Unfortunately not all of them had readily accessible “Welcome to…” signs. 

Here’s our list of states and provinces, and the pictures we managed to get. 

1. Texas, 2. Oklahoma, 3. Missouri, 4. Illinois, 5. Indiana, 6. Michigan, 7. Ontario, 8. Quebec, 9. Vermont, 10. New York, 11. New Jersey, 12. Delaware, 13. Maryland, 14. Virginia, 15. West Virginia, 16. Tennessee, 17. Arkansas 

Home again!

After 25 days on the road, everybody is happy to be at home together. The kids were excited to have a lazy morning working on their crates – before even getting dressed.

Colin is making puppets from his Kiwi Crate. Laura is making helicopters from her Tinker Crate.

Niagara Falls

I had never been to Niagara Falls so decided to make a stop there on the way to New York. 

It’s pretty awe inspiring. And the kids thought it was cool too. 

Going at 9am was a fantastic plan as there was very few others around. Easy to get a good photo and even parked right by the visitors center. 

Another bucket list item checked off.