Sorry for the delay – we ran out of storage space on the blog! We’ve managed an interim fix by finding some old videos that were uploaded twice and deleting the doubles. Hopefully we can sort a long-term solution soon!

After all the wallpaper removal, we have been busy painting. Everybody has a role to play.

Some are tapers:

Some are cutters:

Some are rollers:

And some are readers:

Brave kids

The kids really wanted to try the pool. It was very cold that first day – only about 65 degrees! They didn’t last for long and then warmed up in the hot tub. Colin had already been in for a minute when Laura wanted to jump in together. He changed his mind at the last minute!

So much wallpaper

We have a new house, hooray! It’ll still be a little while until our shipment arrives, so we are redecorating the kids’ bedrooms while they’re empty.

Step one is removing all the wallpaper. There is a LOT of it, and two layers thick in some places. Thankfully everybody is helping.

Catching up

We have fallen behind on sharing photos as we went through our move. We are finally in the Woodlands and in a temporary apartment for now. It’s been a long journey, but we enjoyed nearly a month in Canada.

Both kids loved playing in the snow. Here are some photos of Colin making the most of it.