Month: January 2022

He’s a trooper

It was cold and raining at the end of the day yesterday, but Colin still agreed to go for a practice run, and we even increased the length of our run intervals from 3.5 minutes to 4. We stick close to home and did loops around the neighborhood in case the rain started really coming down.

Our reward was seeing a sharp-shinned hawk! This is a terrible photo (near sunset, in the rain, using only a phone) but it was a treat to see it!

My daughter, the photographer

Laura’s school has a winter formal dance. Her dress arrived yesterday so she tried it on. I wanted to take a photo but didn’t have my phone, so she said she would take some and send them. So here she is!

The dress itself could use some minor tweaks for fit, but she is very pleased with it. And now I know to remind her that her bathroom mirror needs cleaning.