Month: December 2021


Colin and I signed up for a virtual race with a “Charlie Brown Christmas” theme. We are doing some practice runs right now and hopefully will go do our “race” on the morning of Christmas Eve. Colin hasn’t done any running since his triathlon in early 2020 and did a great job with our first training session. We did run for 3 minutes, walk for 3 minutes, for a full 5 km.

After running he was ready for a rest.

This Dog

Realized I posted photos of a dog without context for why she’s in our house.

Pancake was pulled out of the lake by our house 3 weeks ago. She was already limping but had enough energy to run away. Colin and I were walking to the lake and were asked to help catch her. Once caught we took financial responsibility to get her to the vet.

She had no identifying marks and seems to have been feral for most or all of her 4 month life. She was in bad shape and had fleas, ticks, intestinal issues, and a badly broken elbow.

The vet took her to their ranch for the amputation and to make sure she’s healthy. She joined us last Friday. She took to Colin right away and has slowly agreed that the rest of us might be ok too.

We don’t know if she’s a full time Trend yet, but she’s fun to have at the house right now.