Month: November 2021

Kids in a tent

I asked Laura if she had any good photos on her phone that I could use for Christmas cards. There wasn’t enough space on the card to use them all so some will appear here! This is a selfie she and Colin took when they were hanging out in the tent while camping in the spring.

Holiday Lego

Colin has COVID (hence the mask in the house), so once he finished his school work he got to start building some of the Christmas Lego sets. He loves the train, because it’s the most fun to play with once complete.

Thankfully it seems to be a mild case and his symptoms are resolved, but he’s in isolation for a few more days.

Achievement complete!

After his “Giza Pyramids” challenge, Colin signed up to cycle the length of Hadrian’s wall. He enjoyed learning about the history and geography of the area as he completed the challenge. It was harder to fit the rides in since school started up, but he was very pleased to finish the distance on Hallowe’en. This medal is not as flashy as his Egyptian one, but he is pleased nonetheless.