Month: July 2021

Franklin safari

Going in reverse order…the very first thing we did on our road trip was visit Franklin safari en route to Austin. This is a drive-through wildlife park.

We paid the extra to have an employee take us through in one of the park vehicles rather than risk damage to our new car (and the bicycles on the back).

Treats in Austin

Catching up on some photos from our road trip, here were some of the tasty treats we enjoyed in Austin.

Breakfast tacos and hot chocolate at Jo’s coffee.
Bought some coffee to bring home.
Mexican coke (and tasty tacos) from Granny’s taco truck.
Ice cream (with ample sprinkles) from Amy’s Ice Cream.
Just a few of the options at Amy’s Ice Cream.

Keeping busy

Both Colin and I have signed up for activity challenges so that we stay active this summer. Colin is working to cycle/run/walk the length of the road from Cairo to the Great Pyramids (75 km) and I am doing the virtual Cabot Trail (299 km).

Today was stinking hot, but I got out for a run. Then Colin and I went for a bike ride – thankfully a cool front came along just as we were headed out and we had a refreshing breeze.

Colin is nearly halfway through his challenge, and I am 17% complete. For the Nova Scotians reading along, that means I am 7 km from Breton Cove, after starting in Baddeck.