Month: March 2021


Sorry for the delay – we ran out of storage space on the blog! We’ve managed an interim fix by finding some old videos that were uploaded twice and deleting the doubles. Hopefully we can sort a long-term solution soon!

After all the wallpaper removal, we have been busy painting. Everybody has a role to play.

Some are tapers:

Some are cutters:

Some are rollers:

And some are readers:

Brave kids

The kids really wanted to try the pool. It was very cold that first day – only about 65 degrees! They didn’t last for long and then warmed up in the hot tub. Colin had already been in for a minute when Laura wanted to jump in together. He changed his mind at the last minute!

So much wallpaper

We have a new house, hooray! It’ll still be a little while until our shipment arrives, so we are redecorating the kids’ bedrooms while they’re empty.

Step one is removing all the wallpaper. There is a LOT of it, and two layers thick in some places. Thankfully everybody is helping.