Month: December 2020

Tropical fruit world

On Tuesday we went to Tropical Fruit World, one of the largest fruit farms in the world. We sampled a wide variety of fruit, saw lots of interesting plants, and brought home some tasty snacks.

Laura with some of the ornamental gingers.
Loaded up for our tour around the property.
Cracking fresh macadamias
Feeding sheep. Not pictured: two-week-old lamb sleeping in the back of the pen


We finally had the chance to use a Christmas gift from last year – Cliff and I went behind the scenes with the penguins at the Melbourne aquarium. They have both king penguins and gentoo penguins and we went out on the ice with them. We’re not allowed to take cameras or anything else, so don’t have photos of the experience itself, but here is Cliff greeting one of the gentoos as we were leaving.

Lawn bowls

For our holiday gathering, my team from work decided to play lawn bowls. I had never played before and didn’t even know the rules. Once I realized it was just curling on the grass, I was good to go. I just needed Cliff at the other end holding a broom for me to aim at.