Month: September 2019

Platypus Tour

Platypus spotting last weekend was great. It felt like whale watching on a smaller scale. They are only small cat sized, and stay under water about 30-60 seconds.

They are very easily startled and will disappear quickly if they see you when they open their eyes after a dive (yes, they close their eyes under water).

They are also very lazy and spend about 20hrs a day in their den only coming out for a couple of hours at dawn and dusk to eat.

I was really lucky to get a great video with my good camera before it got too dark. I had to be zoomed a long way out so it’s not really steady.

We saw 5 or more during the hour we were on the lake.

We will go back with Sarah and do a dawn trip to see the local birds next time!


Laura in Housefest dance.

Laura has been working all term with her house at school to compete in Housefest which is a performance number thought of, choreographed, performed, supported, and created by the girls in the house. Everything from script to lighting to sets to outfits is done by the house team.

Laura was the only Yr 7 in the very technically choreographed dance number that her house did. She kept up beautifully with the older girls and showed how strong a dancer she is.

Her house, Sheppard-Tyson, came second overall by 0.5points. It was close and she loved it!