Month: April 2019

Early morning walk about at Uluru

The highlight of our trip to Uluru was the guided hike around the base at sunrise. It is such a lovely site and so full of sacred sites for the Ananu people as well as other indigenous peoples of Australia.

We had a great guide that could tell us the Ananu stories and show us so many interesting sites. The colors on the rock and the significance of the area is breathtaking.

Thankfully the kids also enjoyed it and handled the 11.5km hike without too much issue. Approaching Uluru before sunrise.

Walking to the best area to see the sunrise.Sunrise – no filters.

5000 yr old cave paintings.



Led to this:

I’m sore, but fine. All patched up and disappointed to have ripped the sleeve of my favorite riding jersey. Very glad to have had my helmet on, which has a big ding in the front. Guess I need to go helmet shopping.

Learning Ananu stories and dot painting.

One of our first adventures on holiday was learning some of the stories of the local people. Millie showed us a lot of the tools her people have used for 35,000 years and, in the sand, explained the stories and shapes that are now used in dot painting. We then got to crest our own story in a dot painting.

The kids watched and listened to all the stories and were excited to do their own paintings.