Month: March 2019

Unicorn PiƱata Cake

Sarah made a fantastic cake for Colin’s birthday party this weekend.

He and all his friends really enjoyed the Unicorn Pinata Cake. What could be better than a chocolate cake with strawberry butter cream icing between the layers and marshmallow fondant coating? Having lollies (candies) fall out of the middle of it of course!

Snorkeling with friends

Colin, Laura, and I went snorkeling just off the beach along from our house. We had one of Laura’s friends and her dad join us and show us where to go and what to look for.

Colin and I first saw a box fish (15cm long)

Then a little silver fish about the same size.

We all spotted a sea star (30cm)

Laura spotted a box fish hiding in the sand that ran away when I took its photo.

Laura and her friend also found a big jelly fish during their snorkeling.