Month: November 2018

Will pay for chores

Colin wanted a new Pokémon book. We decided he would pay for half of it, so he had to do some chores to earn the money.

He picked up all the toys in the backyard, took out the trash, cleaned up the dining room table and set it for lunch, polished his shoes, helped Daddy in the garage, and did some vacuuming. I think he was glad he had some cash, or he would have had to do even more!

He was a determined little guy, earning that book in just over 24 hours.

Colin in a blindness simulator.

One of the projects that Laura’s class mates did was on Vision. Hey created a “Blindness Simulator” that played 3d sounds while sitting in a dark tent wearing a blindfold.

It was obviously a very challenging experience for your senses, as Colin tried it and sat completely still for all 3.5min, totally immersed in the experience.

Laura’s School Project

To satisfy the requirements for the International Baccalaureate program at school the class all had to do in-depth projects.

They chose the topic “Who We Are” and then investigated a topic of their choice/interest under that broad heading.

Laura worked with her friend Lillia to study depression focusing on causes and remedies.

They did a wonderful presentation.