Month: August 2018

Saturday morning at the cafe

We have several local cafes. One of our favorites is a very short walk from the house and they make all sorts of beautiful breads, cakes, and pies.

Cliff was out training for his upcoming volunteer work (taking seniors from the local home for bicycle rides), so the kids and I went for a treat.

Laura had Nutella hot chocolate and a custard tart, Colin had a tropical smoothie and vanilla cupcake, and I had peppermint tea and a chocolate chip muffin. We bought a gorgeous loaf of multigrain sourdough bread to bring home.

It was a lovely morning in the sun!


A colony of little blue penguins (also called fairy penguins) lives near our house. Last weekend we went to check them out.

We knew it was best after sunset, but went during the day just in case, and to familiarize ourselves with the location. We saw plenty of signage, but no penguins. We took some time to play on the beach.

We returned around sunset that same day and…

Penguins! They are very tricky to photograph, since it’s night time and they are disturbed by flashes. Penguins can’t see in the red spectrum, though, so there are volunteers with red flashlights to help illuminate the birds.

It was cold and blustery, so we didn’t stay long, but we enjoyed the penguins we saw. We will return on a warmer evening and see more of them!


Laura and I went to a play on Sunday: Puffs, the play. It’s the story of three Hufflepuff students who attend Hogwarts the same years as Harry Potter.

As a proud Hufflepuff herself, Laura was thrilled. We both enjoyed the funny, clever show.