Month: July 2017

Road trip day 5

A quiet day with cousins. The kids started at their own pace this morning after a late night yesterday. 

The afternoon included a Creek walk for kids and a bunch of running around for Cliff. 

Not to be outdone Hamilton had to make their bid at the best fritters too. The best are still in Fort Worth. 

It was a great quiet day. 

Road trip day 4

On the road again!  Another three state/province day. IN-MI-ON. Just over 500miles today after changing the route slightly to avoid rush hour traffic in central Detroit. 

We started the day with the second best apple fritters in the US. 

We arrived late in Hamilton and settled in for a good and well needed rest day tomorrow 

Road trip day 3

Today was a short driving day but a busy day playing. 

We met some friends and went to “The Biggest and Best Children’s Museum in the World” in Indianapolis IN. 

It was great fun and all of the kids had a great time. The rest of the day was spent relaxing at our friends home. 

Road trip Day 1

Today was a busy day of driving. 

479 miles, 3 states (TX, OK, MO), 2 playgrounds. That’s our longest planned driving day going east. 

It started with a blown fuse to the power outlet (cigarette lighter) that I promptly replaced. 

On the road at 8:15 and at the hotel by 6:15. A great day for shows in the car and new sticker books. 

Tomorrow, St Louis and the Gateway Arch!

Future city

The kids decided to build a city out of blocks today. 

It includes a teleport station and an individual pod transport system hub. (Colin has been brain storming this idea of pods in tunnels, connecting every house and workplace in the world for a few days now).  And of course, houses and art sculptures