Month: April 2017

Weekend tree climbing

At EarthDayTX there was a tree climbing station that the kids did. It was an hour of learning and then trying climbing a tree using ropes and harness. 

Laura chose the highest rope she could find and now wants tree climbing harness and rope for her birthday. 

Colin looked at the big tree and found the shortest rope and got a full 4 ft off the ground and loved it. No need to do that again. 

School art fair and Parent Appreciation night. 

The kids took us to school to show us their work they have been doing in Art class this year. 

To say I was impressed with the scope, quality, and quantity of work they have both accomplished would be an understatement. Their works are amazing. They have obviously been working hard on all of the projects and it shows. 

Laura showed us her bird 

Her poem made into art

Her self portrait in a broken mirror display

Her paper quilling

Her photo, looking up a tree trunk. And I did not take a picture of her African mask she created.  

She has told us that this is the art they displayed. There is more that she will bring home at the end of the year. 
Colin also produced lots of art this year and also got the chance to show us. 

His self portrait

His chalk owl

His clay bird

His cherry blossom made of paper they made in class, in a pot he painted and decorated

And his original drawing of…

(All the others were titled “Flower”, “House”, etc).