Month: February 2017

Train day

On Sunday we took Grandpa to ride on the Grapevine RailRoad. Unfortunately it was closed. Or maybe we should say, thankfully.  Instead on going for a ride on a vintage train we looked at the stock, found a model train set up of Grapevine, and, as a really special treat, stumbled into the repair shop for “Puffy” the 1896 steam train which is undergoing a major tear down and refit. We got to see a steam engine in full tear down. It was great!  

Settling back in

It has been a tiring week getting back into Texas life. 

The trip home was ok. We got Booster Juice at Ottawa Airport. Then Laura was feeling sick by the time we got to Dallas. 36 hrs later she was diagnosed with strep throat. She is recovering well and looking forward to finally getting back to school tomorrow. 

Anticipation of snow

We are off to Ottawa to see Grandmother and Grampy (and to visit Customs and Border Patrol), and to see SNOW!  

Colin had to take a snowman stuffed toy, and then was looking out the window to see snow from above. 

This is Colin’s first time playing in snow. He is VERY excited just from the anticipation.