Month: December 2016

December camping 

It is unseasonably warm this week so we took advantage of the weather and went camping. We are having a great time and the kids are learning to camp when it’s a little cooler (1-7•C) in the mornings and evenings. It is lovely camping weather at 15•C in the days. 

Extra layers on a cool evening
Playing in the sand after a busy day
Supper outside on Dec28th!


We came to Houston for the weekend, which provided a good excuse to fulfill an annual tradition and go to the Nutcracker.  Colin came for the first time this year.

Lunch before the show:

Waiting for the performance:

This production was brand new, and gorgeous.  Lots of cute details, such as little bees dancing around the flowers in the Waltz of the Flowers.  The kids enjoyed pretending to be bees: