Month: August 2016


Laura had been invited to the roller rink tomorrow with some new school friends.  It was a good day to get in a bit of practice, so off we went to the local playground.  Laura and Cliff on skates, Colin on his bike, and Sarah walking the dog.

Popcorn coral

Colin made a tasty treat for a snack today – it’s coral made of popcorn!  The popcorn is held together with marshmallows, like Rice Krispie squares, and both kids are enjoying it.  He also helped make pumpkin-soy muffins.  It was a busy afternoon in the kitchen!

Sewing class

I was unable to upload this yesterday – Laura took a sewing class and made herself a new pillowcase!  She has done lots of projects with my help; this was her first project done completely independently.  She is rightfully very proud!