Month: March 2016

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Sarah had a birthday!  Her kids were really excited to get balloons, and decorations up and to get her some cool gifts. 

Laura gave her a coloring book that she could take with her on trips and Colin gave her swim goggles so she can come swimming with us in the summer. 

Someone also sent a pair of glasses for her that the kids thought were hilarious. 


Coming home from Camping

On our way home from camping on Friday we stopped at the US Army Corp of Engineers dam (Town Bluff Dam ) that was responsible for the reservoir we were camping next to. It was the first time Laura and Colin had seen an actively controlled dam. Laura thought it was cool (so did I). 

I then took an unplanned turn on the way home and we ended up at the Big Thicket National Preserve Visitors Center.(Big Thicket National Preserve) It was a great side trip! The kids got to learn all about the oldest nature preserve in the USA, and they did some activities to become Jr Park Rangers!  They loved the hands on discovery center.  We will add some more National Parks activities to the summer list. 


Camping day 2

Laura started the day reading. Colin started the day coloring in his books, then moved on to his legs and fingers. “Daddy look at my art!”  

Then it rained and cooled down, so we played games in the tent and, after the rain stopped, played with a badminton set we found .

We ended the day with a great campfire and s’mores.


Spring Break camping

We are out camping for spring break again this year.

A new campsite that isn’t well suited for tents. I had to pitch on the pavement, so was glad for the 8″ steel tent pegs I carry. 

The kids have had a great time. Packing up tomorrow. Hopefully not in the rain. 

Packed and ready to go!  

 Settled in for some afternoon rest in the shade of the tent

 Our campsite for the 2 nights  

  Ready to launch- he got 3 jumps from that height before he banged his knee off his chin, resulting in blood and tears.  Then 2 more after.