Month: November 2015

Travel over Newfoundland

I finally got to Central Newfoundland after a detour to St John’s and 14 extra travel hours. Not too bad for a delay and I got to work in a quick visit with friends over breakfast. 

My flight was on a small plane. Smaller than economy seats, and you had to turn sideways to get down the aisle while stepping over the wheel well in the middle of the floor.  The co-pilot was also the flight attendant.  



 views over the Avalon peninsula and the approach to Gander were wonderful.  

Laura’s Birthday “Great British Bake-off” Party

Sarah put together a fantastic party for Laura based on one of Laura’s favorite TV show.  

The treasure hunt came first where he kids had to work together to find the treasure of aprons made by Sarah and measuring spoons and cups. 

Then there was a challenge where the kids worked as teams making cookies with their own flavors and additions. 

Followed by a technical challenge of Lego building. 

Cake, and then a cupcake decorating competition. 

All cookies were edible. And all kids had a fantastic time.