Month: March 2015

Visit in Ottawa

We are enjoying our girls’ trip to Ottawa.  Laura has spent lots of time in the snow.  She has also learned how to play cribbage (and beaten Grampy!), baked blueberry buckle, and performed several magic shows.

She finished the entire crossword puzzle in the newspaper (with some help):  

We played memory with 50 pairs of birds – this was a challenge!  

And today she helped make play-doh so that she and Eva could play with it.  She made a whole play-doh meal:  


My room is perfectly fine here, but there are a couple of oddities:


What the heck is that scale on the thermostat?  Which way is hot and which is cool?  What temperature is green?


A safe!  Great!  But it’s installed in the closet in such a way as to make te majority of the closet itself unusable.  Hangers do not fit in front of the safe, only on the sides.