Month: May 2014

Running in the Rain

It was just starting to sprinkle as I left the house this morning, but 4.6 miles later it was coming down pretty steadily and I was awfully wet. Thankfully the torrential downpours didn’t start until later in the afternoon! And it was much better to run in the rain than it would have been to run in the pre-rain humidity. In this photo I am dripping on the mat before going to stretch.


Pump it Up

Took the kids to “Pump it Up”, an indoor play place full of inflatable bouncy castles and the like. We had the place completely to ourselves, and they were in heaven. Laura’s expression after her first trip down the big slide says it all.


Splash Day at School

For an end of year event, the school went swimming at the pool next door. It was a great day, sunny and not too hot (under 90F,33C before lunch). There was lots of excitement for the day and both kids enjoyed their time in the water. Colin got to walk over with his friend Avery.